What is Job Analysis

Job Analysis is a systematic investigation of jobs and job holder characteristics in order to create a collection of information that can be used to perform various HRM function.

Job analysis focuses on the job as well as job holder.

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Thought of the Week

If you can’t stay, Fly to find spring…..

Birds sing lovely songs in the spring, but after they become tourist in the winter. When their living environment is not suit it is normal for them to fly away by searching temporary boarding place. These days even earth suffer from drought, he stay patently

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What is Human Resource Planning

HRP is the process of determining future employees needs and deciding steps or strategies to achieve those needs for the purpose of accomplishing organization goals and objectives.

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Job Design

What is Job Design?

The function of arranging tasks, duties and responsibilities in to an organization unit of work for the purpose accomplishing goals of the organization (Glueck 1978, p.47)

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Introduction to Human Resource

HRM is the efficient and effective utilization of human resources to achieve goals of an organization.

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Conflicts in Group

Conflict is a disagreement between two or more individuals, groups or organizations. This may be a physically or mentally.

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Group Dynamics

A collection of individuals who have regular contact and everyday interaction, mutual influence, common sense of comradeship, and who work together to achieve a common set of goals.

Characteristics of a Group

  • Interact with two or more people – share ideas, knowledge, and assigning duties
  • Common goals – In here complete the goal with in the time period
  • Stable group structure – group consist with the structure
  • Perceive as a group – Willing to work as a group

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