Hey, how is your morning…

Even bad thing happened to you in yesterday you should not worry about it. Because already it has gone.

Just think that bad thing is mostly combined with your life. However already you missed that. It will never come to you. So you have to standup again by forgetting that bad thing.

Always tomorrow is a mistry. Many miracle things will happen. So will you miss that all miracle things because of yesterday.

Forget all the things happen in yesterday. Wake up as a new born flower. Then today defenetly will be blessing for you.

Very Good Morning Everyone. 😍😄

Hope your every work will success today.


What is Health and Safety Management?

A state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Safety is the protection from the danger of accident.

Physical health – This is a state where physical deaseases do not exist within the employee. This is measurable.

Mental health – this is about psychological wellbeing of an employee. Thos related to human mind and emotions rather than human body.

Health and Safety Management refers to all the activities involved in protecting and promoting physical and mental health of the employees so that they can perform jobs efficiently and effectively.

Importance of HSM

  • Help for employee well being.
  • For higher job performance.
  • This help to make correct decisions and endure good expected behaviour.
  • Physical energy speed endurance persistance and flexibility to do correct functions.

Four major types of hazards

1. Occupational Accident

Sudden event which causes physical injuries to an employee or more employees working on the employement in an organization.

Types of occupational accident

1. Major accident

  • Fatial accident – death of the employee with in the working period.
  • Non fatial accident – because of the accident mployee not death but he become disable.

Permanent – disable for his life period.
Temporary – this has two types. They are partial disable and total disable.

2. Minor accident

Cost of occupational accident

  • Direct cost –

– Compensation given to the injuired employee or family members in case of death.
– Medical expenses for recovering the injuired.
– Expenditure repairing or replacing tool and equipment damaged due to the accident.
– Loss of production of the injuired employee due to accident.

  • Indirect cost

– Time spent by other employees to help the injuired employee.
– Time, energy and money needed to record accident and consequences.
– Cost of time, energy and money on invesigations of accident.

2. Occupational Diseases

An illness that catches an employee due to the reason of performing their job role.
Because of the job role some deseases are happen to the employee.

Ex: skin deseses
Trauma (maximum level of the stress)
back pain

Categories of cause of diseases

  • Chemical causes – by inhaling dust of poison, toxic metals and etc. They may enter the human body and may cause acute desease.
  • Biological causes – Bacteria, Viruses, Fungers may causes aome brain fevers and algies.
  • Physical causes – heat, radiation, lack of proper ventilation may result some causes.
  • Psychological causes – fear, shocks, frustration

3. Law quality of work life

quality of work life mean the degree to which employee expectation are met by the job and the job environment.

Reasons for law quality of work life

Poor job design
Law employee involvement
In effective pay system
Lack of job security

4. Organizational stress

This mean pressures that employees feel in their work life.
Stress may lead to that the employee suffer from headache, hi blood preasure, unrest and etc.


Poor supervision
Job dissatisfaction
Poor team functioning
Lack of privacy

Have you any dreams.. Shall we plan

How big your dream?

Even you have a job now you should not stop your dreaming and hard working. It is not a freetime. It is a new chapter of your life. After found job also you should collect some dreams such as pass exams which help to get promotions, build your own house, buy a car and many more things. But you should work hard to fulfill that dreams.

No need to tell your dreams to others. It will not give any benefits for you rather than happening some obstacles for your dreams. So it is important keep your dreams as secret rather than telling to whole world. But you can tell your dreams your lovely ones which are really want to see your success.

Size of a dreams is not a big issue. Only necessory thing is your commitment and dedication.

Do you know every successful peoples are who follow dream which are secret to the world.

First you should believe you. After that you can understand you have necessary power to fulfil your dreams.

See your dream fulfillment….

Always imagine your dream became actual. Just think, if you want to become a head person of your company. Always use to think how you sit and work with that position, what kind of responsibilities you have to handle, financial level and many more things which related to your dream.

As a result however you can fulfill your dream.

Tell about your dream

All the day and night you should tell about your dreams to yourself. When the time you wake up early morning tell to yourself that you had sufficient power to fulfil your dreams.

Plan your dream

Wthout a proper plan you can’t achieve your dream.

Think if you want to go to higher position in your job. For that you should have proper plan, knowledge and commitment with you. But remember you should not plan to any unethical activities within your office such as telling lise to your boss against your pears and etc. By doing such unethical activities you should able to achieve your dreams but you will definitely loose your good heart and will collect enemies within your office area.

Wiil meet you later. I think that advicers are enough for now. So get a first step.

Good luck Guys! 😊😍

Beautiful morning

Very good morning my friends!! 😊😍

Before worry about other people’s levels, skills, abilities. You should thankful for abilities, skills and many more good things which you have. If you used to worst yourself everyday you will be suffer a lot when time past.

So before that learn to appreciate yourself. It will help to see path of the success in your life.

Good luck guys.

What are the manager roles?

A Manager’s Role towards Management Process

  • Planning –

Managers cannot operate effectively unless he/she has long range plans.

A plan for each day’s work:

  • What is to be done and why do it?
  • When is to be done and how will it be done?
  • Who is to do the job?
  • Where should it be done?
  • Organizing –

In here consider about how their duties and responsibilities, team or group activities, communication channels and so on. Manager should carefully defined in terms of whatis to be done in each job.

  • Leading –

this means overseeing the team by influencing the employees to get the job done. They shold motivate employees and create an environment that makes employees work efficiently.

  • Contrilling –

This means a method of cheking up to find what has been done and what must be done. Business shold control because of dynamic environment and new competitors are coming to the market.

And also manager must know about employees performance rates.

Basic Managerial Roles and Skills

The three Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal means relationship with others and human skills. This is all about how managers can manage people to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

  • Figurehead – Perform ceremonial and symbolic duties such as greeting visitors, signing legal documents and so on. Ex: Bank Manager
  • Leader – Direct and motivate, subordinate and directly communicating about the organizational goals and objectives.
  • Coordinator – Maintain information links both inside and outside of the organization by using e-mails, meetings, phone calls and etc.

The Three Informational Roles

  • Monitor – Seek and receive information, prepare reports and maintatin personal contacts.
  • Dissaminator – Forward information to other rganization member through memos, reports, agenda and phone calls.
  • Spokesperson- Transferm information to outside parties through speeches.

The Four Decisional Roles

  • Entrepreneur – Initial improvement project, identify new idea and explore new things.
  • Disturbance Handler – Take corrective action to solve a conflicts fights between subordinates
  • Resource Allocator – Decide who get resources schedules, budgets and set priorities.
  • Negotiator – Represent department when negotiate with Trade Union, Supliers and so on.

Employee Performance Evaluation Process


EPE evaluation process has 10 steps. Will get idea about those steps in brief manner.

  1. Establish Objectives of EPE

Objectives of the performance evaluation should be clear, understandable and attainable.

Ex:  To measure the current level of job performance of each employee, To identify training needs of each employees, To identify strengths and weakness of each employees

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Employee Performance Evaluation

What is EPF mean…….

The systematic process of identifying, measuring, influencing and developing job performance of the employees in the organization in relation to the set norms and standard for a particular period of time in order to achieve various purpose.

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