Selection Process

Process of making the choice of the most appropriate person from the pool of applicants recruited to fill the relevant job vacancy.

Important of Selection

  • To get the right person for the job vacancy.

To ensure organization productivity and efficiency maximize in Organization. And also not a overutilized person or not a underutilized person.

  • To establish or maintain organization reputation as a good employer.

If organization recruit wrong person according to the interviwer likelihood and biars then qualified people express bad image about organization.

  • To perform the selection process as cost effective as possible.

If organization select correct person then that cost become investment for the organization.

Recruitment for Successful Selection

  • Good selection ratio

Selection ration is the proportion of job applications selected to the number of jab vacancies. Small selection ratio has high quality.

  • Good selectors

Selectors must be intelligent, knowledgeable and must have good characters.

  • Good ethical standards

Not discriminate applicants based on gender, nation, religion and etc. Should avoid criticism and biars.

  • Good budget

There should be a sufficient amount of finance to perform selection in a expected way. Organization see this budget as a investment.

Selection Method

  • Application Evaluation

Assessing the job applicant suitability for the job vacancy by using the given information.


  • Haven’t any favours and biars.
  • Low cost.
  • Help for making personal file.
  • Can select most suitable person refering their information.
  • Quick way.


  • Time consume.
  • Can’t see person physically.
  • Candidate can provide wrong information.
  • Getting more applications increase cost.

  • Employement Test

Hold to assess the degree of suitability of the job applicant to the job vacancy.


  • Best method for high caliber vacancy.
  • Avoid biars and prejudices.
  • Can identify best performance from same level of people


  • Costly method.
  • Mental condition of the candidate during the examination will affect for the result.
  • Neglect the person experience, qualifications and so on.

  • Interviews

A face to face, oral and observational evaluation method of a appraising an applicant acceptability bwith reguard to a certain job.

Most dominat and famous method.