Health and Safety Management

A state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Safety is the protection from the danger of accident.

Physical health – This is a state where physical deaseases do not exist within the employee. This is measurable.

Mental health – this is about psychological wellbeing of an employee. Thos related to human mind and emotions rather than human body.

Health and Safety Management refers to the activities involved in protecting and promoting physical and mental health of the employees so that they can perform jobs efficiently and effectively.

Importance of HSM

  • Help for employee well being.
  • For higher job performance.
  • This help to make correct decisions and endure good expected behaviour.
  • Physical energy speed endurance persistance and flexibility to do correct functions.

Major types of hazards

1. Occupational Accident

Sudden event which causes physical injuries to an employee or more employees working on the employement in an organization.

Types of occupational accident

1. Major accident
Fatial accident – death of the employee with in the working period.
Non fatial accident – because of the accident mployee not death but he become disable.
Permanent – disable for his life period.
Temporary – partial disable
Total disable

2. Minor accident

Cost of occupational accident

Direct cost
compensation given to the injuired employee or family members in case of death.
Medical expenses for recovering the injuired.
Expenditure repairing or replacing tool and equipment damaged due to the accident.
Loss of production of the injuired employee due to accident.

Indirect cost
Time spent by other employees to help the injuired employee.
Time, energy and money needed to record accident and consequences.
cost of time, energy and money on invesigations of accident.

2. Occupational Diseases

An illness taht catches an employee due to the reason of performing their job role.
Because of the job role some deseases are happen to the employee.

Ex: skin deseses
Trauma (maximum level of the stress)
back pain

Categories of cause of deseases

  • Chemical causes – by inhaling dust of poison, toxic metals and etc. They may enter the human body and may cause acute desease.
  • Biological causes – Bacteria, Viruses, Fungers may causes aome brain fevers and algies.
  • Physical causes – heat, radiation, lack of proper ventilation may result some causes.
  • Psychological causes – fear, shocks, frustration

3. Law quality of work life

quality of work life mean the degree to which employee expectation are met by the job and the job environment.

Reasons for law quality of work life

  • Poor job design
  • Law employee involvement
  • In effective pay system
  • Lack of job security

4. Organizational stress

This mean pressures that employees feel in their work life.

Stress may lead to that the employee suffer from headache, hi blood preasure, unrest and etc.


  • Poor supervision
  • Job dissatisfaction
  • Poor team functioning
  • Lack of privacy