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Main Reason to be Happy

Hey, can you be like this… I am also trying to be like this.

How many times you feel grateful for what you have. Do a small work for you.

Take a peace of paper and write what you have alredy and what about your idea regarding that. Normaly you will receive more negatives than positives. If you have more positive counts then you are a happy person. Don’t be demotivate if you have more negative counts. Try to prctice that.

Sometimes I am also worry about things which I cannot achieved. Believe me in my life most of the achievements I loss from a small gap. Sometimes I feel I am not much lucky enough to put into my mouth which i have in my hand.

Also if you are not grateful for what you alredy have, you may kick your oppertunity to feel that. But after it goes sometimes you may worry about that.

So train your mind to see the good in everything. Then you can get ability to speak to the world

” yes, I am grateful”


Good Morning…..

Hi guys after long time.

Very Good Morning to all!!

I am also believe my mind as a magnet. Aren’t you?

You know we don’t want to let problems to come to our life. We really want positive things in life. Even we want positive things are always our life full with positive. You and me know it is not like that. However we have to accept that bitter truth.

So what should we do to convert those problems to good things.

Don’t think more about problems. Then your mind will attract more problems. will think about way to solve that problems.

And guys will practice to think about positive thoughts.

At least, this will help to reduce attracting more problems to your life.

Believe me guys it will work on you positive way.

So always remain positive & optimistic….! 😊😍

Good morning

Believe me even good things are late to come we have to believe on that. That will definitely come to us in shorter period.

If you haven’t ability to be patient then you will miss better things of your life. Sometimes you believe on that but you have hurry to grab that, then you will defenetly miss that better things.

Even world told you to give up something you should not give up. At least you shoud try one time. When you’re not give up your life goals defenetly you can grab best things.

So believe, patient and don’t give up. This will help to grap best things of your life.

Keep in mind guys.

Again wishing you a very good morning and have a great day friends. 😍

Shall we work on our dreamz….

Hi guys. 😊 This days i am pack with my degree program exams. That’s why I couldn’t able to publish any post. Sry for that.

I am here to continue my previous post which titled ” Have you any dreams.. Shall we plan.”

Will start work on our dreams.

Only planning is not enough. We should start works according to the plan. Without working, you can’t win the world. You should keep in your mind anyone can plan but only few people can work to fulfil their plan. But this will depend on your commitment. And also you should start to love for your dream. Then also your mind give some track for your dream fulfillment.

You know most of the success people are the who work on their dreams. They do more and more works. Sometimes they were fail but they are not let their dreams to be a dream.

However if you want to fulfil your dream you should be in a side of working people.

Be Happy….

Even you want to fulfil your dream you should not loose happy moments in your life. Enjoy a every moment in your life because life is not give any second chance for you to feel. Life like a journey.

You should not mortgage your life to fulfil your dream. It is better to convert your responsibilities, office place as a happy in your life.

Then your dream fulfillment is not become difficult thing for you.

So work on your dreams. And be happy..,

I wish may your all dremz come true.

Have you any dreams.. Shall we plan

How big your dream?

Even you have a job now you should not stop your dreaming and hard working. It is not a freetime. It is a new chapter of your life. After found job also you should collect some dreams such as pass exams which help to get promotions, build your own house, buy a car and many more things. But you should work hard to fulfill that dreams.

No need to tell your dreams to others. It will not give any benefits for you rather than happening some obstacles for your dreams. So it is important keep your dreams as secret rather than telling to whole world. But you can tell your dreams your lovely ones which are really want to see your success.

Size of a dreams is not a big issue. Only necessory thing is your commitment and dedication.

Do you know every successful peoples are who follow dream which are secret to the world.

First you should believe you. After that you can understand you have necessary power to fulfil your dreams.

See your dream fulfillment….

Always imagine your dream became actual. Just think, if you want to become a head person of your company. Always use to think how you sit and work with that position, what kind of responsibilities you have to handle, financial level and many more things which related to your dream.

As a result however you can fulfill your dream.

Tell about your dream

All the day and night you should tell about your dreams to yourself. When the time you wake up early morning tell to yourself that you had sufficient power to fulfil your dreams.

Plan your dream

Wthout a proper plan you can’t achieve your dream.

Think if you want to go to higher position in your job. For that you should have proper plan, knowledge and commitment with you. But remember you should not plan to any unethical activities within your office such as telling lise to your boss against your pears and etc. By doing such unethical activities you should able to achieve your dreams but you will definitely loose your good heart and will collect enemies within your office area.

Wiil meet you later. I think that advicers are enough for now. So get a first step.

Good luck Guys! 😊😍

Thought of the Week

If you can’t stay, Fly to find spring…..

Birds sing lovely songs in the spring, but after they become tourist in the winter. When their living environment is not suit it is normal for them to fly away by searching temporary boarding place. These days even earth suffer from drought, he stay patently

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