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What are the Strategies for improving Helath & Safety?

Strategies for minimizing Occupational Accident

  • Environment design Have to design work environment in safety manner. In here we should store dangerous equipments and tools in a separate place. Request employees to use safe equipments. Such as helmet, eye guard, boots, gloves and nail guard.
  • Floor cleaning should maintain clean floor. It should not be wet. It is best to follow daily floor cleaning method.
  • Maintenance. Should do reapair and maintain machines frequently. Should follow maintenance plan. Through that can avoid corrective maintenance and accidents to the employees.
  • Continues Inspection. Before and after working, regulatory should check machines to identify whether those machines are working or not. As an example cleaning dust, check oil level and so on.
  • Safety Training and Education. HR division can provide training to prevent from accident. Such as fire training. In here can take machine operators involvement to do machine maintenance work. Because of that they will operate machine more carefully.

Strategies for minimizing Occupational Diseases

  • Medical Examination. can conduct medical test annually, semi annually, quarterly and so on. Participation of every workers are very important.
  • Physical fitness program. Conduct various exercise sessions for workers. Such as jimnasium, yoga classes and etc.
  • Health Education. Through doctors conduct seminars and workshops provide health education for workers.
  • Enclosure keeping such hazard thing keep away from every employees. It is good to use separate place for that.
  • Maintain Sound Physical Working Conditions such as ventilation, lightning, air conditions.

Strategies for minimizing low quality of work life

  • Redesign jobs by considefing both efficiency elements (standardization, specialization) and behavioral elements in order to ensure a proper balance.
  • Apply job enrichment. Give power to plan, do and control the job.
  • Obtain opinion, suggestions and comments from employee before making decisions.

Strategies for minimizing Organizational Stress

  • Ensure job security of the employees.
  • Provide training to reduce stress.
  • Ensure carrer development and give facilities for that. Carrer development is series of job that one person perform with his work period.
  • Give fair and sufficient usages of salaries.