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Main Reason to be Happy

Hey, can you be like this… I am also trying to be like this.

How many times you feel grateful for what you have. Do a small work for you.

Take a peace of paper and write what you have alredy and what about your idea regarding that. Normaly you will receive more negatives than positives. If you have more positive counts then you are a happy person. Don’t be demotivate if you have more negative counts. Try to prctice that.

Sometimes I am also worry about things which I cannot achieved. Believe me in my life most of the achievements I loss from a small gap. Sometimes I feel I am not much lucky enough to put into my mouth which i have in my hand.

Also if you are not grateful for what you alredy have, you may kick your oppertunity to feel that. But after it goes sometimes you may worry about that.

So train your mind to see the good in everything. Then you can get ability to speak to the world

” yes, I am grateful”